Schedule exterior car detailing services in Bozeman, MT

Tired of the dirt building up on your vehicle's exterior? The Finer Detail offers exterior car detailing services in Bozeman, MT for only $200. We'll get your vehicle sparkling clean in no time.

You'll appreciate that:

We'll carefully wash the exterior
We'll pressure wash off any dirt
We'll rinse away soap and dry your car
We'll clean the windows

We'll even apply a tire dressing to give them an elegant shine. Get in touch with us now for more information about our exterior car detailing services.

Learn more about our exterior car cleaning service

When you get our car cleaning service, our team will utilize the two-bucket method. With this technique, we'll use a bucket filled with cleaning solution and another with water. We'll clean every inch of your vehicle in sections to remove grime. Once we've finished a section, we'll rinse off our brush in the bucket with water. This method allows us to be as thorough as needed.

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